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AI Authority CPO
  • Subject matter expert in Generative AI
  • Masters and PhD in human language technology
  • 16 year career developing and launching next-gen AI and ML products that leverage speech and language applications:
  • text to speech
  • natural language processing
  • legal tech/forensic discovery
  • predictive analytics for investment applications
  • Functional experience building and leading product and eng teams that deliver real world AI applications
  • 6 years experience working for a Venture Fund
  • Technical Lead of the Venture Fund, having developed the firm's research process for evaluating high potential opportunities
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  • Spent the last 4 years at a PE firm as a Product Advisor for their 100+ SaaS companies portfolio
  • Previous CPO and VP Product experiences across multiple product categories (CX platforms, healthtech, social media, retail, edtech, and student learning)
  • Delivers value for B2B SaaS and B2C product-led digital experiences
  • Successfully architected an organizational transformation from being sales-led to being product-led and the business processes that required support across GTM, Customer Success, Marketing, and Product Management
  • Exit experience (acquired)
  • Graduate from an Ivy League college
  • Based in North Eastern US
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Coach VP Product
  • Coach to Founders, CEOs, or CTOs who need to optimize or modernize their product org or product delivery processes
  • Provides a playbook for identifying roadblocks that unlock growth opportunities and delivery scale
  • Product leadership experience includes the growth of a B2B SaaS company from $20M ARR to $55M ARR
  • Participated in a Series B raise
  • Expanded the product portfolio from a 2 product business to a 5 product company
  • A leader of leaders who manages Director and Senior Director level talent
  • Launched a 0-1 product which achieved $20M ARR over 4 years
  • Based in North Eastern US
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Enterprise PLG VP Product
  • 25 year product and technology career building and launching B2B SaaS solutions
  • Industry verticals and product categories include: healthtech, document workflows, fintech, military and government security, streaming platforms and learning
  • Largest product line representing revenue of $100M
  • Experienced launching products that acquire customers through a Product Led Growth (PLG) motion and through an enterprise sales motion
  • Creator of innovative first-in-market solutions resulting in industry awards, extensive analyst and press coverage
  • Most recently the CPO of a SaaS business which grew from 50 to 100 employees
  • Hired by the CEO to stand up the product management discipline and organization
  • Recruited, led and inspired a team of 4 Directors + 3 Sr Managers to apply world class product craft to how they discover and deliver products that create raving fans
  • Champion of acquisition due diligence, reporting to the Board
  • Lead product and business strategist for the integration of an acquisition larger than the existing core business
  • Led an organizational transformation to stand up the company's first product marketing strategy, ensuring value rich messaging and an impactful GTM strategy
  • Footprint includes North American and European scope of business, primarily working for and with US-based employers and customers across public and private sectors
  • Dynamic coach and catalyst for career growth for both internal team members and external customers
  • Alumni of Marty Cagan's "Coach the Coaches" 2023 workshop, facilitated by Marty Cagan to help tech companies apply Inspired and Empowered coaching principles
  • Advanced Coaching Certificate (Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario) 2023
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Growth Product Manager
  • Expert in applying a growth lens to a product-led SaaS business
  • Web + Native mobile platform experience
  • 3 years of fractional experience applying a playbook to deliver actionable steps clients can tackle post-engagement
  • While engaged:
  • Analysis of customer data
  • Discovery sessions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Roadmap exercises
  • Product management 0-1
  • Previously a full-time growth PM for 2 global tech giants whose products and apps you most likely use
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E-commerce SME Product Manager
  • Subject matter expert in the areas of the retail and e-commerce tech stack
  • This includes POS, 2-sided marketplaces, digital merchandising, inventory management, WMS, shipping channels, supply chain and logistics
  • 23 years of experience working both in the industry and for B2B SaaS vendors
  • Most recently engaged by a global DTC brand to design and launch the digital experience of a new brand to enable global sales of a "cannot fail" e-commerce site, processing potentially multi-million transactions daily
  • MBA + Computer Science Degree
  • Based in Canada
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