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Optimize your resume for success

The Product Resume Coaching Service provides product leaders with the opportunity to understand how to create a more impactful resume likely to attract the attention of a C-suite stakeholder.  

We're here to unlock your mindset, open your eyes, and give you the insights that showcase your value to a CEO who needs a Product leader like YOU!

Who is this service designed for?

Designed for product leaders: Chief Product Officers, Vice Presidents or Head of Product who may find themselves in one of these situations:

  • "I've always been hired by people who know me. I've never needed a resume."
  • "I've never had to look for a job. I don't know where to begin creating a resume."
  • "I don't have a resume, I only use LinkedIn."
  • "I was downsized and an outplacement firm created my resume."
  • "The last time I updated my resume, I was a Director. Now I'm the CPO. What needs to change?"
  • "I was part of the Founding team and over 15 years, we built a company and then exited. Now what?"
  • "I've been using the same resume since I graduated 15 years ago."
  • "I've relocated from Europe to North America and I have a 12 page C.V."

This service also provides value to Product Managers who want to level up how they GTM. For example:

  • Understanding the purpose of a resume and what it is not.
  • Pivoting from the "fresh graduate" resume to that of a Product Manager.
  • Elevating your narrative.
  • Language and tone.
  • Keeping the main thing the main thing.
  • Understanding how keywords and skills sections can help you or hurt you.

Join our Waitlist

Due to high demand for our Resume Coaching Service, we are temporarily pausing new bookings. Join our waitlist now to secure your spot when we reopen mid-August!

The Resume Coaching service is NOT a resume writing service.

We believe YOU are your product.

We believe YOU know your narrative better than any generalist writer or AI bot or template.

We believe YOU have the ability to build and ship a resume.

We are a resume coach with subject matter expertise in product management - we are not a resume writing service.

What’s Included?

Step 1 - Initial Assessment

The Product Recruiter will receive and review your current resume and determine whether an initial 20-minute zoom meeting is required before we begin. This may be necessary based on the scope and scale of your background.

Step 2 - Custom Review

Next, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your resume in a custom audio/video recording of our analysis of your resume. During this analysis of your resume, we will point out specific areas we recommend are changed, removed, reimagined or modernized.
We will provide recommendations that will result in a more impactful resume, one that is intended to communicate more value to a C-suite hiring stakeholder, so it better reflects who you are in the market and helps position you competitively against your peer group.

Step 3 - Custom Follow-up

Our Resume Coaching Service ends with your choice of:
  1. A follow up review of your efforts to apply our recommendations
  2. A 20 minute Zoom meeting to meet personally if we haven't yet

Additional Resources

We also provide with a 30-page ebook - a step-by-step guide on how to build a product resume that includes best practices for product leaders, do's & don'ts, checklists, examples and a template.


T.K. - FAANG Product Director

Heidi Ram's session on how CPOs can find their next role was a true masterclass for leaders navigating today's job market. Her innovative approach to crafting a compelling narrative about your identity and achievements was truly eye-opening. Since implementing her strategies, I've noticed a remarkable increase in progressing conversations from emails to calls. Thank you, Heidi, for your invaluable insights!

R.B. - Senior Product Manager

The time you spent to give me a lengthy resume review late last year completely changed my job search. From Jan to Mar this year I applied for around 200 jobs, and I had a screening response rate of almost 10% based on my heavily re-written resume, which I think is impressive.

C.S. - Senior Product Manager

I don't think I would have got to this point without your coaching on my résumé and how I was presenting myself professionally.

M.P. - Product Manager

I wanted to thank you for the time you took to speak with me last week. I redid my resume as per your advice and landed my first PM interview. Thank you again.

S.L. - Fractional Product Manager

I opted for the Product Resume coaching service from Heidi Ram, and I am immensely grateful for her support and guidance. Every input from her towards resume building was worth its weight in gold! Her background as a product recruiter enabled me to reframe my contributions and craft my experience to be more aligned with the expectations of C-level execs and recruiters reviewing my resume.


What do I need to start resume coaching
A version 1 resume and a willingness to optimize it! We are ready to help you iterate and scale and achieve your product market fit (a call for an interview).
What is the cost?
Our introductory pricing is $399 USD | $549 CAD (+HST)
How is this different?
Our Resume Coaching Service has been designed to help senior-level candidates understand how to create a more impactful resume, likely to attract the attention of a C-suite stakeholder.
What do you receive?
  • Initial Assessment
  • Custom Review Recording
  • 30-page Step-by-Step Resume Building ebook
  • Custom 1:1 Follow-up
Who is The Product Recruiter?

We are a team of Recruiters who solve the ambitious goals of Founders, CEOs, and CPOs by delivering world-class talent to design, build, and launch products that deliver growth and scale.

In 2016, The Product Recruiter was launched as a practice within Martyn Bassett Associates. This practice was launched in response to the market demand for highly targeted and experienced product talent.

The Product Recruiter delivers on complex searches across North America and has expanded their scope to include Product Design, Product Marketing, and Engineering leadership.

The Product Recruiter is the preferred search partner to first time Founders often hiring their first Head of Product. Additionally, CEOs and CPOs of larger enterprises who need specialized talent to unlock a market opportunity or to solve a complex problem.

Martyn Bassett Associates truly understands product and product management recruiting. We were able to partner with them to help us build a world-class team.
Devon Galloway
Co-Founder & CTO, Vidyard
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